Proposal on the Train

I often blog about life lessons I learn on the train raveling to work. A few days ago I got ready for work and it took me awhile to decide what to wear. I put on a bright green sweater which I didn’t love but decided to be brave and wear it anyway. I got on the train and read a book. Now I know when I read for the entire trip, I don’t interact with anyone, so I don’t have the opportunity to learn a life lesson. Sometimes that’s OK because it is peaceful to just read while the world hurries by. When the train stopped I closed my book and disembarked. A man in a neon vest who had also disembarked approached me and said, “Excuse me. you’re look great! You’re beautiful.” Well that got my attention. I smiled and said thanks. Then he asked, “Are you married?” I said no, my husband died a couple of years ago. Then he said, “My wife died and I am looking for a companion. I am 62…” I could tell he wanted to know how old I was so I said “I am 64 and I am not looking for a companion.” That did not discourage him. He continued to tell me a few things about himself and said again, “I am looking for a companion.” And once again I told him that I am not. I walked away and as I left he asked, “How many kids do you have?” I held up four fingers and kept walking. And his last words were, “You’re beautiful.” I gotta say the whole encounter lifted my spirits. What’s my life lesson? Not sure, but I think I’ll call that green sweater “my lucky sweater.”

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