Quality of Life

My husband Steve had what we thought was his last oncology visit today. We thought his oncologist would put him on Hospice, but she suggested a couple of things, targeted at managing pain. The first is to give him IV Zometa. It’s like Fosamax and will strengthen his bones, delaying the onset of fractures due to the bone tumors. The other recommendation is to have radiation therapy to shrink the tumors and alleviate pain. She also referred Pain - enjoy the journeyhim to the Huntsman Center’s pain management team. The pain pills he takes now are not quite doing the job. So next week Steve has a consultation with the radiation center and the pain management team. Then the week after that he sees his dentist who will clear him for the Zometa infusion. He will see his oncologist again in a month and have the infusion then.  Steve doesn’t know enough about the radiation to  make a good decision at this point. If he chooses against radiation, then Hospice care will be the next step. Either way, quality of life is our goal. Steve is still using herbs, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other anti-cancer therapies and feels that he still has a chance for survival. Meanwhile, just in case, he is getting his affairs in order. I know this all sounds serious, but at the same time we are positive and thankful and take every opportunity to enjoy life as it comes, no matter how much life is left.

9 thoughts on “Quality of Life

  1. Glenda

    Once again you are my hero. You and your husband are amazing. You continue to be an inspiration to me and a shining example of faith, courage, compassion, and light.

    Love and hugs to both of you.

    Carrie Hammond

  2. “Getting your affairs in order” can sound daunting, but when cancer first came to visit our house and we went through the whole living trust and all the other arrangements, it brought a peace we did not know to expect. Bill was not eager do it at all. Especially the funeral part of it. But he now says he is SO glad it was taken care of and even the thought never brings any stress. We told our kids what we we had planned and they were all so supportive. Pre paying took a load off also. Of course we did it for both of us. It is unfamiliar but the experience is mostly informative and stress reducing. When it is done, do something fun. Love to all.

    • Getting everything ready sounds like the smart way to go. I have my funeral paid for and planned but not Steve’s. I read your comment to him so we’ll see how it goes from there…

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