Radiation and Friends

We saw the radiation oncologist yesterday, fully prepared to say no to radiation therapy. To our surprise it sounded like radiation would shrink Steve’s tumors, relieve his pain, and have very few side effects. The tumors in his bladder and bones would be radiated. The 13 radiation sessions would be gentle, painless, and should not make Steve feel sicker. So Steve decided to go for it. Tomorrow he will be scanned, measured, and tattooed. Treatment should start next week.

Thanksgiving Point lunchMeanwhile we are being visited by my long time girlfriend and her husband from San Diego. It’s been nice just relaxing and chatting. Today she and I went to Thanksgiving Point and rented a golf cart to tour the 55-acre gardens. Amazingly beautiful and relaxing. We had lunch and talked like we used to talk when we were in high school, just a bit more maturely. Her husband is going to cook us some dinners and will cook spaghetti for my kids and grandkids on Sunday. This is the life! Did I mention I hate to cook? But I do love to eat.


3 thoughts on “Radiation and Friends

  1. What a wonderful and positive update. Great picture of you Glenda!!!
    You remain in my prayers…..



  2. Good news Glenda! Childhood friends are wonderful! I wrote this little poem on a napkin (in blue crayon 🙂 and thought you would enjoy. Love and continued prayers~ Hey Thursday

    Thursday afternoon
    I sip a tall iced tea
    Happy in this moment
    That I am free to be-
    And I fire up intention
    To love my way on Earth
    With joy and true prosperity
    As I watch my life give birth~

    Jen Reich
    Phoenix, AZ 7-9-15

    • Oh Jen that is beautiful. I like the idea that my life is giving birth. So true. Things change constantly and it feels like a whole new way of being. Thanks for your creativity, insight and wisdom.

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