Reimagine Your Life

Sand SculptureMy husband and I are in Las Vegas at the AARP Life at 50+ Expo. Very fun and informative. One of my goals was to talk to attendees to see what is stressing people and find out how older people manage their stress. I learned that people over 50 have a lot of stress related to transitions. As we age, we experience job changes, retirement, loss, relocation, and many more events that call for a “reimagining” of our lives. I met Kirk Rademaker, an expert sand sculptor who reimagined his life when he turned 50, during a time of personal turmoil and dissatisfaction with the status quo. I took a picture of a beautiful sand sculpture he created at the expo. He travels the world creating beautiful but temporary artwork. Other people at the Expo who have reimagined their lives include Edie Sundby, who is fighting Cancer, Natalie Cole who has reimagined her life many times, and Richard Leider, author of The Power of Purpose. So one way that older people manage stress is by using the process of reimagining instead of retiring or retreating or reinventing. Reimaging opens up possibilities and I am going to add it to my positive thinking tool kit. When change comes I will reimagine the possibilities. Sounds liberating! Sculpture of life reimagined


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