Relatives August 13 2015We had a wonderful week with Steve’s sister, brother-in-law and mother visiting from Oregon. We joked a lot about how they were spending their vacation staring at Steve. Since he can’t do much, they visited him in the bedroom several hours a day. Not exactly a vacation, but it was nice to spend this quality time with them. Parting was difficult.

Steve’s pain has not lessened since radiation therapy but we are hoping it will improve this week or next week as the tumors succumb to the X-rays. He spends most of the time in bed reading, watching a little TV, working on his computer in his office, and receiving visitors. We tried an experiment last night. I slept in another bed so my tossing and turning would not cause him pain, and so he had more room to position himself with the least amount of pain. I slept like a baby. He stayed up late watching TV. We will try the experiment again tonight.

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  1. A good night’s rest sure can help things look brighter. Hope this helps both of you have better “awake” time together.

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