Religioius Differences

Last Saturday night I went to the ComedySportz Utah Improv Comedy Club with some friends, a couple about my age. My girlfriend and I have been close for about 15 years now. We met at BYU where we both taught nursing. While we were eating dinner before the show she mentioned that she is now a Methodist. She’s always been a Mormon since I’ve known her so I was surprised at this turn of events. She told me she was raised as a Methodist and when she became a Mormon her family was pretty upset. And now that she has gone back to Methodism, her current family is upset. She just can’t win! I told her it sounded like there was a “Methodist to your madness.” (Get it? Like a “method to your madness?”) We totally cracked up and I’m sure our loud laughter made other people in the restaurant wish they were having as much fun as us. Perhaps there’s the life lesson: Difference in religion should cause laughter, not war.

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