This Friday was the monthly meeting of IANDS Utah, where people meet to discuss near death experiences. Frankly, I wasn’t planning to go because I forgot about it. Then Wednesday afternoon a filmmaker friend of mine called to see if I was going, and she needed a place to stay. She was planning to screen her new film about announcement dreams at the IANDS meeting. I was interviewed in the film about the night my daughter appeared to me before she was born, so I thought I might go. Then on Thursday another friend of mine, Alice, called to say she would NOT be attending the meeting because she did not have a ride, so I committed to going by volunteering to take her. She took me to dinner before the meeting and I so enjoyed talking with her. She is in her 90’s and energetic and full of life and enthusiasm. Very inspiring. She just doesn’t let anything get her down. During dinner we talked about how we should pay attention to small pieces of guidance from above, such as having two people call to remind me of a meeting I forgot.
At the meeting I met Alice’s niece, who also was not planning to go to the meeting until she serendipitously met Alice at Costco a few hours before. She thought she should pay attention to this coincidence. Interestingly, she too had experienced an announcing dream. She met her unborn grandchild several times in a dream. We talked a lot about that while we waited for the meeting to begin.
The meeting was wonderful. Instead of talking about near death experiences the speaker, Sarah Hinze talked about life before life. She related accounts of people who remember their journey to earth before they were born. It was fascinating, and as she stated, it served as a sort of a book end to near death experiences, illustrating the eternal nature of life.
I have to wonder why it was so important for me to attend this meeting. I think I’ll find out sooner or later. Why didn’t anything happen to remind me to go to my church chili cook-off? I totally forgot about that! Anyway, I am glad that I paid attention to the reminders to attend the IANDS meeting. It really got me to thinking about how blessed I’ve been to have spiritual experiences (a near death experience and an announcing dream, among others). Being in touch with the larger view of things, the eternal view, has enriched my life.



3 thoughts on “Reminders

  1. Glenda,
    I awoke from a sound sleep at 12:30 AM thinking of you and our last visit during your trip to Arizona. I cannot describe how greatful I was for that brief get together. It was a wonderfully warm family get together and it was sad for me as we parted. That feeling has seemed to linger with me. So, I feel there is unfinished communication between us. You have also seemed special to me all my life. It would be shameful if I continue let distance diminish our closeness for the remainder of our lives. After all, we are family. I am touched by your spirituality. I have grown increasingly sustained in my faith that way and it has made me sure, secure, and joyously greatful for life and it’s ups and downs. Perhaps it might seem presumptuous or selfish, but I feel confident that I must reach out to you so I can know more of such joy.
    Thank you for your blog and comfort and joy it must bring to those in need of it’s special message.

    • Dana,
      What thoughtful and touching words. Yes, let’s keep in touch. Call me any time.
      With love to a wonderful cousin,

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