Update: Steve’s chemotherapy won’t happen tomorrow. It has been delayed until Thursday. His oncologist looked at him on Friday and said, “you don’t look like yourself. Let’s postpone the next round of chemotherapy.” I appreciate her using not just lab results but also her intuition to make decisions. She asked him if he was feeling up to the chemotherapy and he said yes, but later he told me he really didn’t feel ready, and was glad she postponed it. So now the plan is for him to have a brain MRI on Wednesday to follow up on the headaches he’s been having, and then chemotherapy on Thursday, followed by a referral back to the the urology surgeon to remove his bladder and prostate. I have to say when the oncologist mentioned the surgery I got a little butterfly in my stomach. The surgery has seemed so far away, and a bit unreal, but the event is now tangibly approaching. I’m not feeling great about that. Maybe that’s when I will start worrying and won’t be able to say that I don’t worry. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, life goes on. Our family had a fun Memorial Day backyard party while Steve was in the hospital. I have put in a lovely vegetable garden.  My son and his wife are going to Hawaii today. My neighbor is getting a divorce. I still can’t see very well. Life just doesn’t stand still and wait, does it?

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