Round 3, FIGHT!

10:45AM – The hospital called and asked if we could come in early. Dr. Schmidt finished his previous surgery sooner than expected. Avery quickly finished painting my mom’s toes; hugs and kisses from Pepper and Marlo; double birds to the dog, and we’re off!


11:20AM – Still red flagged in the system from our previous visit…”Your plastic is no good here, Mrs. Christiaens.”


Some fun facts about valet parking at the University Hospital: they are totally slammed; they cannot accept tips; they wear red shirts and hats.

Hmm…I can accept tips.

A red shirt, a red hat, a butt-load of charisma, and about 2 hours later: surgery paid for in full! …with mostly 1 and 5 dollar bills. Let’s do this thing!


12:00PM – Chillin in the pre-surgery room; doin the pre-flight checks; getting the 411 from the nurses, doctors and anesthesiologists. Expected time in surgery: 2-4 hrs. Mom is a little nervous but staying positive. She’s right on the cusp (1 month) of when the Dr’s felt comfortable going back in. She could have chosen to delay this another week or two and they would have been just fine with that. Not my mom’s style though.


12:30PM – Anesthesia in full effect; off to surgery…

1:47PM – OR called. Surgery has begun!

3:23PM – Dr. Schmidt came out and talked to us. Surgery went great, they are stitching her up now. Bone flap went back in, spent some time and smoothed things out with plastic cement. A drain was put in. Said it looks like things have healed well from the previous surgery. Expectation is 2 days of recovery time at the hospital.

3:43PM – All done! Going to recovery for about 30 minutes, or until cool to the touch. Then being moved to another room where we’ll be able to go see her.


4:59PM – Mom looks great! Almost as soon as she got in the room, nurses were able to help her up and walk her to the restroom; that’s a big deal right after surgery! She is coherent and responsive.



Started an IV, getting some pain medication going. Resting.


9 thoughts on “Round 3, FIGHT!

  1. Yeah!!! so happy for all of you! Thank you so much for all the updates for those of us who can’t be there! I feel so much better when you give us news, especially the good news! Please tell Glenda I love her and will talk to her next week when she gets home from her last hospital visit. Jeanne (Pi Hi friend from CA)

  2. so grateful for the family keeping us updated. What a journey this has been. Hoping recovery will go well . Prayers for all of you for healing and strength.


  3. Dear Glenda and wonderful family
    Thanks again for allowing us all to share this incredible journey – and doing it with such creativity! Blessings on this phase of your recovery, Glenda. Continuing to send prayers and to work with you energetically to support your healing process! Much love

  4. So nice to see that video! You really are a super star! Carol and I are looking forward to our visit with you. You will just about be through your journey. Can’t wait to hear all about it from your perspective.
    Take care and rest. Your family have been SO incredible. You are so blessed!
    Love you, Patti

  5. Thanks so much to you and your family for sharing your healing journey through a great blog. That helmet is so fashionable. You are such a sport! I have been in Park City three weeks now and love it! How to catch up with you soon. Blessings, Pauline

  6. Also so happy to see the video and hear your voice and spirit, Glenda. What an amazing story – and what an amazing family you have. Keeping you in my heart, like so many others.

  7. Hi Glenda; I am guessing you are home again and all went well. I am sort of afraid to call too soon because I don’t want you trying to find that phone. Kind of nice to get your own bone chip back even if it was in a fridge with who knows what all else, and sculpted in place with “plastic cement”. Still…, sounds better than a metal plate. Hope the drain part went better this time around. I’m wondering about your vision and those glasses and how that is going? This is that amazing time in your life when you get to know up close and personal just how much all of your family loves you. I’ll bet that feeling is what will remain the highlight of this adventure you have been on. Hugs n love, Lynn

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