Sacred Journey

My husband Steve continues to be very drowsy most of the time. Well all of the time really. Last night our daughter-in-law came to visit and he was just too exhausted to visit with her. He felt just awful sending her away. She came back today and he felt much better about it. They talked about Thanksgiving and he is thinking he won’t be here for the Holidays. I told him that although I would love him to be here, I sure don’t like seeing him suffer. If he leaves us before the Holidays we will at least know he is out of pain, no longer suffering, and surrounding with love and beauty.

He is focusing now on the wellbeing of his children and grandchildren. He wants them to be happy and safe and lead good lives. His love for them is more apparent with every passing day. His feelings are tender and sweet and he expresses them freely. We are witnessing a sacred journey.

One thought on “Sacred Journey

  1. It is a sacred journey…in many ways you and the family have had some sacred time to say good bye…..memory making is good even if it is sad….

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