Seeing the Small Things

yin-yangToday at tai chi one of the other students mentioned how he admired the Asian culture because their craftsmen improve their art, even a little bit, every day. They always strive to do better. At tai chi class, there is always some movement or mental attitude to tweak and work on. That’s what I like about it. It never gets boring because there is always tons of room for improvement. While I spoke to the student, I realized that I could look at life like this – always take the opportunity to improve my character and other elements of my ways of being. At the same time accepting where I am without judgment and discouragement. As with the tai chi approach, I don’t have to try to improve everything at once, or judge the big picture. I can just take a look at small things in my life, and focus on one small thing at a time. And before you know it, I’m a better person!
picassoIn that spirit (focusing on something small), I have been reading a great book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards.  I am hoping to learn to look at things differently, and really see what I am looking at, which this book teaches. I am not an artist but have done the first project. I drew it upside down! Meaning I looked at the picture upside down as I drew it, and I drew what I saw. It was fun, and enlightening. When I don’t label things and when I let go of expectations, things turn out OK. And sometimes,  to really see something, I need to approach from a whole new perspective.  Great life lessons!

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