In church today we talked about the importance of service to others, and how helping other people makes us feel better. Plus, it’s the right thing to do. I thought about how I have been served for the past few years. I don’t feel like I can serve others very well right now because of my fatigue and poor vision, and achy muscles, and blah blah blah. I just don’t have the energy. But I’m getting tired of always being on the receiving end, and I’m getting tired of talking about my health issues. It’s time for me to stop thinking that I’m too sick to help others in need. The teacher in church asked us to write down a few things we could do to help someone else. I decided that baby steps were OK. I noticed in class today that my friend looked a bit sad. So I wrote down, “Call her after church.” This seemed like such a small thing and I wasn’t sure it would make a difference, but it is something I definitely had the energy for. Through the afternoon I kept putting it off, and trying to talk myself out of it with thoughts like, “Oh she’s probably fine and I would just be interrupting her day,” or  “She might be offended if I tell her I think she looked sad.” I finally gave her a call and it went very well. She told me several times that she appreciated my call, and she said thanks for noticing that she looked sad. We talked for a while and plan to meet for lunch in January. So, yes, serving others makes me feel better, and I hope it made her feel better too. It doesn’t have to be a huge task. A simple phone call can make a difference.
My church has a lovely campaign called Light the World, where suggestions are given for service to others for 25 days. They say it’s “25 ways in 25 days.”  I looked at the suggestions, and they are simple (like a phone call), easy, affordable, and doable. What a great way to celebrate the Holidays. I did it last year, and although I didn’t do it every day, it was awesome. I’ll do it again this year. I’m excited!

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