Share and Care

Boys Laughing Whispering and Telling SecretsI have been invited to teach some young women, seniors in high school, about public speaking tonight and about stress management tomorrow night.  I must say, I am excited about this! At first I thought of it as one more thing to do, but now I can see that sharing with other people  is exciting and just feels good. I have been cheerful about it and my creativity is flowing. I am really looking forward to this! And I can see first hand that caring for others like this is good for my health and reduces stress. Although sometimes it increases stress because I might have a lot on my plate. I encourage you to share your knowledge, gifts and talents with others to improve your own well-being. Sure it’s risky but get over your fear and I think you will find it’s a great way to care for others and care for yourself. So go ahead; Share and Care!

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