shoelacesThis is one of those days when I don’t know what to write about because not much is happening. Seems like my vision has not improved in about a week, and getting dizzy while walking is common. I know I will get better, but it is challenging when getting better is not obvious. Once  again I am thankful for friends and family who offer support and encouragement. I think we were not meant to travel alone in the world. Thanks to AHNA (American Holistic Nurses Association) for sending shoelaces to me. I didn’t know what they meant, but they are in preparation for when I return and can dance again. Isn’t that great? I have received about 4 pairs of shoelaces. How fun. Every year I dance like crazy at the AHNA annual conference.People notice. And I’m not a great dancer. I just love the freedom to “shake it up.”
This week I will go to occupational therapy and then next week I will re-visit my rehab physician. My new target is to be back to work by Thanksgiving. Appropriate, since I have so much to be thankful for.

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  1. Glenda I can appreciate the “curves in the road of healing”. I have had my share and continue to have my share,. A nurse friend of mine sent me a piece that I refer to frequently when the frustration gets wearysome and healing is really more a permanent limitation (for me with so many surgeries and chemo). here it is
    When an illness is part of your spiritual journey no medical intervention can heal you until your spirit has begun to make the changes that the illness was designed to inspire”.and I will share an email that Jean Watson sent to me in 2003 when I had colon cancer, chemo and a broken hip all within 6 weeks….I felt as though I could not hang on to suffering one more thing and here is what she wrote to me

    “I have tried to use to use all of the life happenings as messages for my own life’s healing needs./ It has been a heartbreaking time of connecting with deep pain and sufferings and discovering the light on the other side…once the pain and suffering is deeply honored and touched . It was like a reminder to stop, surrender to bow down with gratitude for life and all its ups and be still and silently explore my deep inner self allowing my life and soul to be honored and nourished in the depths of despair. I feel like it is a lifetime journey and challenge to stay on the sacred path of life”
    I go back to her wonderful words of insight and hope that it might inform you of your journey. I have a sense of real restlessness in you when being quiet might be good now and again. Can you remember anything you dreamt while you had that long sleep for days before you opened your eyes. That might inform your inner self about what this journey is all about.

    Peace and blessings to you Sonja

    • Thanks for your insights Sonja. You are right it is often hard for me to be still and just “be.” I will work on that.

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