Ever since I learned about how smiling can increase endorphins and decrease cortisol, and just make you feel good, I have been in the habit of smiling a lot. It’s the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning, and while I’m riding the train to work I’m sure people are wondering what I’m thinking about because I smile so much. Last week I was on the train and caught a reflection of myself in the window and ¬†realized that I hadn’t been smiling that week. It’s like I to totally forgot about it. I also noticed that my mood was not the best, and I resisted smiling just then. While having this conversation with myself, I noticed an older woman sitting alone and kept having a strong impression that I should go sit with her and chat.Normally I follow these impressions but just couldn’t get our of my doldrums to do it. Now, here’s the fun part: When we got off the train, she looked like she didn’t know where to go so I asked her if she needed help. Guess what she said? She said, “No I’m fine. And you already helped me. Whenever I looked over at you on the train, you smiled at me. You have a beautiful smile.” Can you believe it? While I’m beating myself up for getting out of the smiling habit, I must have smiled a few times, and connected with her somehow. Life is just so full of mystery and surprises! Keep smiling!

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  1. Hey Glenda, You have one of the beautiful smiles I have ever seen, always have! I loved your lecture to group about not being afraid of dying, and I loved hearing your voice even more! I miss you every day and am so blessed to have been your friend for so many years. I love you, Jeanne

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