Pepper & Marlo Christmas 08What’s the first thing I did when I woke up this morning? I smiled. For about 5 years now, that’s my morning routine. Before I get out of bed, and really the very first thing I do every morning, I smile. Smiling puts the icing on the cake before I have even thought about baking the cake. It starts my day out just right. Although we tend to think that we have to have a reason to smile, perhaps we have it backwards. When I smile, the smile itself gives me a reason to feel happy and healthy and optimistic and enthusiastic to start my day. Smiling actually creates positive thoughts, which create positive emotions, which boost the immune system and before you know it you are happier and healthier. And it’s a much better way to start the day than laying in bed thinking negative thoughts, which cause negative emotions, which dampen the immune system, and before you know it you are having a bad day without even getting out of bed. No icing, and no cake!                                  So….SMILE!

3 thoughts on “Smile

  1. I love this! My coach I and I decided this past February I was going to “whole body smile”. Feel that smile from my face, down into my chest, down into my abdomen, into my belly, to my feet… whole body smile. You know what- as you share in this awesome post- you’re right! When you smile (whether it be on the outside or on the inside) you FEEL great!! LOVE this article. Thank you!

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