snpw shovelingI hope you had a great Christmas. This week is a sort of limbo between Christmas and New Year’s. I love it.
My physical health is returning slowly. Yesterday we had our first snow fall of the season and I love to shovel snow. So I went out and did it! I got dizzy a few times but kept at it. Now if my eyesight will just catch up with the rest of my body…

2 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Great to see you out in the snow and doing something useful to tax your body!!! Hope you are over that crazy feeling you had when you were on walks up high. You are destined to do something wonderful and this time of no work seems to be a time of reflection of how best to use your talents. I know you as a go getter and into lots of things…take the gift of time and let it all fall into place.

    I really enjoy your postings and thanks for the lovely phone message!

    peace and blessings


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