Space Time Continuum

A strange pattern emerged yesterday. To begin with, I left the house right on time to catch the train for work. I am still learning how to use the technology in my new car, which doesn’t require a key. As long as the key is in my purse, the doors open and the engine starts at the touch of a button. After I got out of the car, I touched door locking button and it made a long beep sound. I thought that was a little unusual but decided to ignore it, figuring I just wasn’t used to the locking beep yet. Once I was seated on the train, I reached for my purse and discovered it was not there. It took me about two stops to finally decide that if my purse was in my car, someone could steal it. And since my key was in my purse, they could steal the car too. So I got off the third stop down and caught the train back to the parking lot. All in all, I arrived at work 45 minutes later than planned.
Now here’s the second thing that happened: At the end of the day I left my office but as I was headed out the door of the building, I realized I left my sweater in my office. I knew if I went back to get it I would have to walk faster to make the train. So I retrieved my sweater and totally missed the train by literally 5 seconds. As it turned out, the departure schedule had changed. If I hadn’t gone back for my sweater, I would have made the train.
I got on the train and was glad I had my tai chi uniform in the car so I wouldn’t be late for class. I watched the time and was so pleased with myself that I would make it to tai chi right on time at 5:30. And here’s the third thing that happened: I drove up to the parking lot at 5:25 and suddenly realized that class doesn’t start until 6:00!! What was I thinking?
The whole day was like an interruption in the space-time continuum. I didn’t make it to work on time because I forgot my purse. I didn’t make it home on time because I forgot my sweater. Then I got to tai chi early because I forgot what time it starts. That’s a lot of forgetting for one day! I think that’s called “a series of unfortunate
events.” I wonder if all that forgetting and delays made a difference in my life. By being late or early, did I avoid something bad happening? I’ll never know. All I can do is look at the bright side: Nothing bad happened, I  got to eat a nice dinner at Cafe Rio while I waited for tai chi to start, and I came home to a freshly tilled garden (thanks to my neighbor) and flowers in bloom. Life is good.

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  1. Hello and Surprise, dear friend. I just clicked on my computer bookmarks that I haven’t seen in ages (privilege of retirement) and took a peek into your Blog. Sorry to hear about your husband. Glad that you are doing well and are teaching at the U of U. Miss our conversations. Maybe one day. I delight in your positivity and joy for life. Keep up the decluttering. That was the best part of moving to AZ with my husband. Love ya, girl! Sharen

    • Sharen so good to hear from you! I hope you are doing well in Arizona. If you ever come to Utah I hope you will look me up. I get to Arizona now and then. Perhaps we can re-connect one of these days.

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