Speech Therapist Defeated

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pic: mom being crushed by her loving family. 

Today the physical therapist, speech therapist and home nurse paid a visit. The nurse did some regular checks and everything was good (excluding the fact that a large part of her skull is missing). The physical therapist also said she was doing great and is happy with her progress, though he would prefer a large part of her skull not to be missing. The speech therapist gave mom a test and she did perfect. 100%. Numero Uno. Top Enchilada. Ferrero Rocher. She did so perfect in fact, that the speech therapist is no longer needed. One down.

She is hoping the occupational therapist shows up tomorrow to give her a vision update. That is still her main issue and biggest annoyance. The runner-ups to her biggest annoyance include: a large part of her skull missing, fly landing in her orange juice, daily boredom, never throwing away dead batteries, the Seinfeld finale, and of course the guy who dances in the Six Flags commercials (obviously). She is hoping on Wednesday that she can have her skull replacing surgery scheduled as soon as this Friday. She wants something to look forward to besides another surgery, so the sooner its done the better.

2 thoughts on “Speech Therapist Defeated

  1. Awesome, speech therapy down. Does this mean you can waggle your tongue and spit out all the right words in correct order with matching thoughts, and quick retorts? I am so proud of you. Go girl.

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