Spur of the Moment

spur-of-t-he-momentIf you read my last post about being alone but not lonely, you would see that my ending phrase was:  I can grab life and go for it. What are you doing for lunch? Well, guess what happened? Just a few minutes after I posted it, my friend Colleen called me and….wait for it…..ASKED ME OUT TO LUNCH!!! Was this a coincidence? I think not.  Really, how could I say no? Sure it’s Christmas Eve and we both have lots to do, but taking an hour to be with a friend, who lives out of town by the way, is totally worth it and totally awesome. At first I hesitated as I thought of all the preparation I had left to do for Christmas, but I went for it. She didn’t read my blog and then ask me, she just decided all on her own that getting together with a friend is a great way to spend time, and spur of the moment is a great way to live. Thanks Colleen for helping me practice what I blog! You rock. As usual, I learned a lot from you about courage and positive attitude and having fun. And guess what? I still had time to get completely ready for Christmas. My family will arrive in a few minutes.

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