Steve’s Treatment Plan

This morning we left the house at 8:00 to go to 2 physician appointments. We got back home at 3:15. We met with the surgeon and then with the chemotherapy physician (medical oncologist) and her team. They had a lot to say, and additional tests to run to make sure Steve is ready for chemotherapy. So here’s the plan: On Monday Steve will have an echo-cardiogram to make sure his heart can take the chemotherapy. He will also have a complete blood count to monitor his anemia. Depending on that, he may get a blood transfusion on Wednesday. Chemotherapy starts on Thursday. He goes in for 3 days every 2 weeks and will probably do it for 8 weeks.  That’s 4 “rounds.”  After round 3 he will have a CT scan to take a look at what the 4 nodules in his lungs are doing, and biopsy if needed. They are too small to biopsy now. Then about 6 weeks after chemotherapy ends he will have his bladder and prostate removed. Then he will have a recovery period for a few months. Right now his cancer is Stage 2, which carries around a 63% survival rate after 5 years.  Keep in mind that does not mean he has a 63% chance of surviving. It is just a statistic that is generally not applicable to individuals. They will re-stage it after surgery.

Steve will pray about the plan and decide if that’s the way he wants to go. At this point he is planning on it. Thanks to our daughter for driving today and thanks to all at the Huntsman Cancer Center.

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  1. Hi Glenda, Thanks for the update on Steve’s doctor appointments today. Everything sounds good and “you have a plan!” I will pray as well. Love, Jeanne in CA

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