Stress Management and Connection

Lincoln and GlendaMy 7th grandson was born a few days ago. His name is Lincoln and he is of course a beautiful baby. I let his parents have some alone time in the hospital until I just couldn’t wait any longer and went to meet him. Holding a brand new baby can be a mystical experience. Lincoln’s dad said to me, “Mom, it happens every time. When the baby enters the room for the first time, I just cannot deny that there is a God. How could there not be?”  Welcoming a new child into the world provides a perfect opportunity for us to examine our spirituality, and  is a wonderful opportunity  to take a breath and take a break and just connect. Just gazing into a newborn’s face can release oxytocin into our bloodstream, which helps us relax and connect. A recent article suggests that the simple act of holding hands reduces stress. Holding a sleeping baby also reduces stress. When I hold Lincoln and just look at him, I feel very relaxed. Now perhaps that’s because I am the grandma and not the parent, so I can just see his great potential and feel pure love. I know parents may look at a newborn and think about their responsibilities, and worry about his wellbeing. I suggest whenever we look at or hold a baby we focus on the positive feelings that come up for us. Those feelings will be reflected back to the baby so there is a transformative interaction that is good for everyone.

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