Stress Management and Healthy Aging

Geriatric YogaI am excited about attending the AARP Expo in Las Vegas next week. I just turned 60 years old and I think I will fit right in. I have spent years teaching nursing students about stress management and health care. Now that I am not longer teaching full time, I am wondering: What are the differences between younger and older people regarding stress management? Do the same tips work for both groups? It is obvious that the two groups have different stressors because they are at different stages of life. Are the Stress Management PEARLS I talked about last week equally applicable to all ages and groups? Hmm… that gives me something to think about. Honestly, I don’t think there is any research done about this but I will see if I can find some. I’ll also ask people at the Expo what their stressors are and what are the best methods they have used to manage their stress. Stay tuned!

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