Stroke or Migraine or Tumor?

Hospital 26 July 2016I went to tai chi yesterday as usual. While I was moving with the group I noticed that peoples’ arms kept disappearing! Yikes! I looked at my watch and half of it disappeared. Weird! I felt very tired and achy and the odd vision continued for about 15 minutes and I decided I should go to the ER.  They brought me right in, thinking it was a stroke, or a recurrence of a brain tumor. Oh what fun! I had a CT scan that was normal, an MRI that was normal, a bigger CT scan that was normal, an echo cardiogram that was normal, blood tests that were normal. They kept me in overnight, which meant I missed work, but I can make that up tomorrow. I finally got home today at 4:00 after spending 22 hours in the hospital. Boring!!! And they really don’t know what happened. My discharge diagnosis is TIA (mini stroke) vs. Migraine. The good news is I met a nice neurologist who can possibly help me with my fatigue in the future. Now I have to go to the store to get some baby aspirin for the TIA and some magnesium for the migraine. My main concern was that I would miss my trip to Europe over this. But no, I’m good. I actually feel much better today than I did all day yesterday. I was treated very well at Jordan Valley Hospital. Life is an adventure.
I do have to add here that for some of the hours in the  hospital, it felt relaxing, like I was taking a break. I took a lot of naps. I was SO CALM. Then I realized it was the Ativan they gave me for the MRI that zoned me out. I just enjoyed it while it lasted!

5 thoughts on “Stroke or Migraine or Tumor?

  1. Glenda,
    I think you had an optic migraine. I had one once and lost vision completely in one eye. I was alone late Friday afternoon in my office at the college where I was Nsg Dean. I waited about 30 minutes and the sight loss disappeared. When I could I had all the tests……everything was normal.
    Keep us posted /Ellie Slette

    • Ellie that makes sense. I don’t get migraines, but when the symptoms hit that’s the first thing I thought of. It was just such bad timing, with Europe next week, plus my history of meningioma, I was worried it was a recurrence. But honestly I am feeling great now. And fortunately the headache I got was mild.
      Thanks Ellie!

  2. Glenda ,
    I was concerned when you didn’t make it to your private lesson. Life is an adventure. Glad they are helping you. Hope to see you Saturday.

  3. BRAVO that all test were normal. My granddaughter had something like a stroke with the tests all normal and the Sx resolving after a several hours. They said it was an atypical migraine and she has had nothing like it again and it was about 15 months ago. Let’s hope that is your case too! Love, Linda

    • Oh Linda thanks for sharing that with me. I’m pretty good at being “atypical” so that helped. So far the symptoms have not returned and I am looking forward to being “normal.”

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