Stupid Cancer!

We got the results from Steve’s CT scan. Not encouraging. He has a tumor on his liver that’s 3.1 cm x 2.5 cm. That seems kinda big to  me. He has 2 new nodules in his right his lung, meaning he now has 6. Two of them have grown since the last scan. He has a lesion in his penis and in his pelvic lymph nodes, and a lesion by his left cervical spine. What now? He can choose to enroll in an immune therapy clinical trial, but that would mean he needs a biopsy of the liver tumor, which can be uncomfortable. He can get radiation therapy on the lesion by his cervical spine, which should alleviate the shoulder pain he has been experiencing. He also has knee pain but his knees and shoulder were not scanned. He’ll talk to the oncologist again tomorrow. I would like to tell you how we are feeling about all this, but I feel kinda numb at this point. Steve is disappointed, hoping that the alternative therapies he’s using will work. He got a peaceful feeling today and feels that everything will be OK. Peace right now is a gift.

6 thoughts on “Stupid Cancer!

  1. You both will come to the right decision to ensure quality and comfort. There is nothing easy about what each of you is going thru……you are both held in healing light for the moments of thoughtful decision…..

  2. Just a short observance: you are getting to do this journey with the support of each other, not alone. Also, you and your hair are looking really good! Love to you all.

  3. Maybe the peaceful feelings are a good sign that will help ease the end of this journey. Have you considered Hospice? I know you want to try everything possible first but some of these treatments are not exactly fun. I do know rising on a new day can be an amazing miracle because since 6-25-2015 every day has been a miracle for me. This latest info sounds pretty invasive. Perhaps it would be good to journal every day; a good experience, feeling, thought, food item, activity, favorite scripture, religious person you want to meet, read or write a poem, or even write a list of happy words, or share with each other joyous memories or moments. Talk and see how much you really know about each other. Sometimes we get so busy in life it’s hard to take time off for personal living. Now would be a good time to make a box for holding treasured memories. Love you both and your amazing family. Hugs.

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