Summer Fun

summer funYesterday I spent time organizing my calendar for July and August. We are heading for some fun and busy-ness. Today I have an appointment with a wonderful social worker. I have chosen to see her so I can talk honestly and openly about my feelings to a third party. That feels good. Then on Thursday Steve will see his oncologist. If at that appointment he chooses out of any therapies she may offer, then she will probably refer him to hospice care. Then the 4th of July weekend with family. A few days later my high school buddy from California will be visiting. She and her husband will go see Smokey Robinson with us in Park City. When they leave Steve and I will go to the Utah Shakespeare Festival. We’ve lived here for 30 years but have never gone to the Shakespeare Festival. Fun! It’s about a 4-hour drive but I think we can handle  it. Then after that Steve’s family will be visiting for the rest of the month and into August. During all this Steve is selling his business and I am going to Tai Chi class 3 days a week. I’d also like to plan a family retreat. So life just moves on. I hope Steve feels up to participating. He has been tired lately, and has had some challenges controlling his pain. He is busy reading and studying about alternative cancer treatments. My vision has still not improved so I will probably have surgery in September. We’ll see. Get it? We’ll see?

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  1. I too hope Steve feels up to all the wonderful activities. Sounds so great. I just mailed you a card witha letter before I received this latest blog installment. We will all keep up the support from afar as we have been from the beginning. Love to all.

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