Sun Dresses

This whole “where do I want to go from here?” adventure is fascinating. One moment I am stuck and the next moment ideas and feelings flood in.

imageI went shopping in the local town here in Costa Rica yesterday and bought some sun dresses and a necklace and sandals. I never wear sundresses but they “spoke to me” so I got them. I spent the time with Tina who I met on the shuttle and we had so much in common and just had a great time chatting and shopping. Afterwards I went zip lining with Marci and LOVED it. So hot but so beautiful. When I got back to my room I Googled “How do you find your life purpose?” Interestingly, was the first website that came up. I think that was telling me that I already know how to find my purpose; maybe I just forgot. I went to another website and the author said if I live with passion my purpose will reveal itself. That made sense. Maybe instead of looking for a specific, detailed purpose I should live with passion and authenticity. Isn’t that enough? Do I really need to know EXACTLY where I am going? The spirit will guide me. Living fully engaged in the present moment instead of worrying where I am going may be the answer I am looking for. How hard is that?

On the way to breakfast this morning I was wearing a new sundress and the first person who saw me said that was the most colorful thing he had seen me wear and I looked great. This seemed like a metaphor for living with passion. Living with color. Trying new things. Moving forward. Bring it on!

Marci and Glenda after zip lining

Marci and Glenda after zip lining

5 thoughts on “Sun Dresses

  1. Ha! I am blogging from my phone and it’s all iffy. So yeah, let’s call it passion!

  2. Pema Chodron’s book, “Living with Uncertainty” is wonderful. I think you would love her as you both have such beautiful sense of humor. Hope to have tea with you when you return. It is about time I got the bus to SLC!!

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