Sky at SunsetI watched the CNN special report tonight called “To Heaven and Back” about near death experiences. I noticed a pattern in each of the three stories. Each survivor described a moment when they were dying when they decided to “let go” and not worry about the outcome, and let go of their fear. When they made that decision, everything seemed to change for the better, and they found peace. They all lost their fear of death and lived more peaceful lives. This made me think of the times when I have a challenge that I am furiously trying to overcome. As soon as I quit trying so hard, and just surrender to what is, the challenge seems to solve itself. Surrender is a beautiful stress management strategy. Let go and let God. Also, I truly believe that “what I resist will persist.”

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  1. Excellent reminder, Glenda. It is so true that when we live in fear, doubt, and/or worry we actually hold onto these emotions longer, harder, and tighter than we ever wanted to. Thanks for sharing this story with us. Elizabeth

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