Swamp Thing

swamp1swampYesterday I took a tour of the Corkscrew Swamp Nature Reserve here in Florida. I was actually in the Everglades! So beautiful. I enjoyed spending time with other holistic nurses, and I learned so much about our ecosystem and how we’re sort of wrecking it. It was very educational and a bit scary. I saw a tree that was 500 years old, so Ponce de Leon may have touched the same tree I touched yesterday. It was cool and damp to the touch. The tour guide talked about the interconnection between all the plants and animals in the swamp, which was meaningful because our holistic nursing conference is about innterconnectedness. He illustrated how destroying one species of tree could destroy the butterfly that uses the tree as a breeding ground, so we would lose the tree AND the butterfly. It reminds me of decision-making. I do the best I can but my decisions often affect others, or affect my future in unexpected ways. I think I should think things out a little more carefully…

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    • Sonja you are my other cherished mentor. I miss you at AHNA conferences. I would love to see you.

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