elevatorI had the strangest experience on Monday. Perhaps you can figure out what it means. First, I was on the elevator on campus (where I work – the University of Utah College of Nursing). A lady entered and I said, you look familiar. She said “You don’t know me but I know you as Glenda the Good Nurse. I have seen you present at a couple of conferences.” That’s unusual because I’m really not famous. Her name is Elois and she is the director of the Psychiatric Mental Health Doctor of Nurse Practice program at the College of Nursing. She is very  interested in holistic nursing, functional medicine, and integrating nutrition education into the curriculum. We just had so much in common, we decided to have lunch together. We just talked and talked about our common interests, focusing on nursing education. I loved it.

Glenda & Jolene Wilkinson

Glenda & Jolene Wilkinson

Secondly, I went to the Honors for Nursing award ceremony in Salt Lake City to honor Steve’s hospice nurse Jolene who received an award (I nominated her) for outstanding, caring nursing. There were 500 in attendance. Afterwards, I got aboard the train for home. I noticed a nurse was sitting by me who had an award in her hands so I said “Congratulations!” and we started talking. Get this: She is very interested in and committed to holistic nursing and like me infuses holistic nursing principles into her teaching at the College of Nursing. Her name is Sheila. She is only on campus on Tuesdays, and I am only on campus on Thursdays, so we have never met. And guess what? She teaches with Elois, who I met for lunch that day. They also work together in the same clinic. Again, we just talked and talked about our common interests, focusing on holistic nursing. It was so fun!
Synchronicity2Now seriously, what are the odds that I would meet Elois on the elevator and discover how much we had in common, and then out of 500 people I would end up sitting next to Elois’ colleague on the way home, with whom I also had a lot in common? I don’t really believe in coincidences. This was a synchronicity. What does it mean? On the way home in my car I giggled and looked up at Heaven and asked, “What are You up to?” My best guess so far is that this is a message that I am on the right track when teaching holistic principles in my nursing courses, and there are others on faculty with the same interests. This is a big change from just 10 years ago when I was the only certified advanced holistic nurse in Utah and the only one on faculty (at another college) who was interested in holistic nursing. At this point, I will remember this synchronicity and see what unfolds.


6 thoughts on “Synchronicity

  1. Glenda, Again you made my day!

    Thank you for being “out there” meeting with holistic teachers/practitioners AND even more importantly being a leading nurse educator teaching holistic nursing to our young nurses.
    So so……….important for you and many other reasons!

  2. Incredible….and I agree with Ellie…all of this was meant to be. It is rare to have that double type meeting…..bravo to you!

    • Yeah I agree this was meant to be. It will be fun to discover the “why.’ Thanks Sonja.

  3. I remember you saying “My path will be revealed to me.” I think some of it has been revealed. You are in the right place!

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