Tai Chi Balls

tai chi blue balltai chi red ball Last week at Tai Chi the instructor asked us to hold a ball in the palm of our hand away from out bodies while we did the form. The first ball was blue and light weight. It was easy to hold throughout the form, just sort of in the the way. I learnedtai chi happy hands to accommodate it. The second ball however was red and very heavy. I was quite tired by the time I got it and could not make it through the whole form while holding it in my palm. It was just too exhausting. I had to hold it close to my body because holding it away was just too hard. We talked about holding onto things. The instructor said sometimes we are given burdens to bear and it’s OK to just give them back, or let them go. I thought of how I have been holding onto several things: Past hurts, and how I tend to take responsibility for certain other people’s lives and attempt to rescue them. Holding these burdens close appears to lighten the load, but it was so refreshing to give my instructor back the balls and just let them go. I need to let go of past hurts, and give back accountability to people who need to accept responsibility for their own lives. Then I can move forward freely and not be so exhausted from carrying things that weigh me down or get in the way. I learn so many life lessons from Tai Chi. I am glad I found it.

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