Tai Chi

tai hi seniorsMy husband and I walk the indoor track at the county recreation center every day. Attached to the building is the county Senior Center. Yesterday I took a Tai Chi class at the Senior Center while my husband continued to walk the track. Wow! It was great. I like it much better than walking. I took Tai Chi for three years a long time ago and it was nice to get back to it. And honestly, I kinda liked being with people in my age range. I spoke to the Tai Chi instructor. He has Parkinson’s Disease and said, “I eat right, I exercise, and I take my pills. I control the Parkinson’s. It doesn’t control me.” I was impressed and inspired. His wife was in class and was talking to several students after class. This couple is aging gracefully and healthily. I hope to do the same. I am looking forward to meeting more people at the Senior Center. We can be a great support to one another.

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  1. Glenda, So happy to hear you found a great class to go too! Wish I could go with you! Keep up the wonderful positive attitude and good health! Love, Jeanne in CA

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