Take a Nap!

NapLast Saturday my husband and I went shopping in the morning and planned to do some housework in the afternoon. When we got home from shopping, I decided to meditate before housework and my husband decided to take a nap. Well my 30-minute meditation turned into a 2 and a half hour nap! Wow! But my husband topped it by sleeping for 5 hours! And what was interesting is that when we woke up our first reaction was feeling “guilty” for “wasting” our Saturday. We are so very conditioned to think and feel that we have to do something productive all the time. Obviously, we needed some rest and self-care time. Why the guilt? Well, that was our first knee-jerk reaction, but then we changed our viewpoint and decided it was a great way to spend a Saturday. And it was certainly better then housework. So if you’re tired, release the guilt, don’t talk about what you “should” do,  just … take a nap!!

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