Take Care of Yourself to Take Care of Others.

Self CareTaking care of myself has the added benefit of taking care of others. As I change me I change others. Here’s an example: If I take time every day to take care of myself, such as meditate, laugh, read a book for fun, etc., it makes me more relaxed and just plain easier to get along with. That makes the people around me feel better to be around me. Let’s think of this in terms of caregiving. If I do something simple like see my client or loved one as a vulnerable, lovable child of God, and I think only positive thoughts about that person, then I feel better. And guess what? That person can feel the positive vibes and he/she fells better too. So when you think you are overwhelmed with serving others – it’s called caregiver burden – one way to fix that is to take better care of yourself! So the next time you take a break, exercise, meditate or do something just for the fun of it, just remind yourself that you are taking care of those around you by taking care of yourself first. You are making a difference in the world when you respect your own needs.

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