Teaching and Learning

Talk about live and learn! For the past two weeks I have been teaching classes about values and ethics. I taught nursing students how we make decisions based on personal and professional ethics. Ethics is basically about “doing the right thing” and values are about doing what’s important. Values and ethics guide our behavior. So guess what? Just before I taught the ethics class, I did something unethical. Ugh! At first I didn’t think anything of it, but as the days went by I was more and more uncomfortable with what I had done.  I got up my courage and apologized to two of my honest, ethical colleagues. Bummer! It was hard to be brave and communicate clearly what a jerk I had been. They were gracious and understanding. And guess what? Next week I’m teaching a class on… communication!  Really.  Am I teaching or am I learning? What a great job I have. I learn far more than I teach. Life lessons are sometimes hard but that’s what I’m here for – to live and learn. I often tell my students, “Thanks for being my teacher.”

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