This is a week of tests. On Monday my husband Steve had a bone scan, on Tuesday he had a chest CT, and yesterday we heard the results, which tested us both. His bone scan looks like he has cancer in his pelvic bones and his CT scan may indicate cancer in  his lungs. We were so surprised. Shocked really. I thought both tests would be clear. We visited his urologist who removed the stents from his kidneys (ureters) and put him on a new antibiotic. So now we are waiting for his urinary tract infection to clear up, and waiting until next Friday for an MRI to confirm (or not) the bone cancer. We will see his oncologist tomorrow to discuss options. At this point the plan is to resume chemotherapy, 4 more rounds. After that we will talk to the urologist again about removing the bladder and prostate. Meanwhile we wait…

Steve at LonghornsAfter the doctor’s appointment yesterday we went out to dinner. It was just so pleasant to do something that had nothing to do with cancer, but had a lot to do with health and wellbeing. There’s just nothing like a relaxing, cozy date to improve our outlook and just make us feel better.

I also cut his remaining hair yesterday. I have always been attracted to bald men.

7 thoughts on “Testing

  1. I am so glad you had the energy and chance to go out together! I am thinking of you both along with your lovely family. Lots of love is being sent to you. Wendy

  2. Love you all so much ! This journey is trying, I know. Bald is beautiful! Keep on knowing that you have a large support community and the blessings will flow according to His will. We are praying constantly for both of you and the kids and grandkids. Love, Gail

  3. Strength in prayers. Prayers for both of you. Steve I will pray for you keep your strength and have the wisdom to make the right decisions with your doctors. Glenda prayers for your outlets the garden ect to keep you refreshed to deal with Steves issues and your own

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