Thank You Christmas!

Jingle BellsMy husband Steve is declining a bit more rapidly now. He sleeps most of the time and is not fully aware of his surroundings. I am crying more. Fortunately, our daughter’s suicidal episode seems to be resolved now, but that was awful. This afternoon while driving I listened to Christmas carols on the radio and the thought came to me that Christmas would hold bad memories for me and would never be the same. Then I had a flash of insight: I am thankful that all this is happening during Christmas time. It’s a beautiful time of year filled with the Christmas Spirit. Just tonight a man and his son came from our Hospice provider with a guitar and sang Christmas songs to Steve.They included the Hawaiian Christmas Song (Mele Kalikimaka), which is Steve’s favorite. Tree with starsHow wonderful. And someone is hitting us with the Twelve Days of Christmas – putting a gift (stars for our Christmas tree) on our doorstep every night, anonymously. And we had fudge and a CD delivered to us by our bishop, and we received tons of Christmas cards, and  people’s houses are lit up, and we have Christmas Day to look forward to as we buy gifts and think of each other. So Christmas is a gift for me this year and I so appreciate it. So yes, Christmas will never be the same for me. It will be better, and hold memories of peace and love and joy during a challenging life event. Thank you Jesus.

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