The Answer Will Come

My goal in life is to live by the Spirit. To trust that still, small voice as I move forward and make decisions. I notice that some times in my life are filled with the Spirit. Other times, not so much. Lately I have struggled to feel that guidance in my life. I pray, I study, I meditate but don’t really “feel” God or the Holy Ghost close by. I have prayed, asking that I will be open to it. I don’t ask God to send me the Spirit because I know it is already sent as part of this earth life. Well, here may be the answer to my prayer: I have been asked to speak to groups in November and December. In November I will share my near-death experience at a meeting of the International Association for the Near Death Studies in Salt Lake City. Then in December I am the commencement speaker at Fortis College in Salt Lake. So here’s what happening: As I seek to find inspiration on exactly what to say in those speeches, I am more aware of what is happening around me, specifically  looking for meaning in everyday life events. Perhaps that’s the key to being open to the Spirit – being more aware, more present, and looking for the meaning and metaphor in life. I suppose the lesson again is that I can do hard things, and the doing of those things (like public speaking) moves me into receiving inspiration, feeling more alive, being more present, and feeling more spiritually connected to all that is. And the other lesson, as usual, is to be patient. The answer will come. Just be.

2 thoughts on “The Answer Will Come

    • Hi Barbara,
      I will post a voice recording of my speech at IANDS. It was a wonderful experience, with a caring, kind audience. Very fun.

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