The Desert of Boredom

Last night at Tai Chi class our instructor talked about “the desert of boredom.” Boredom occurs when we have learned a lot of tai chi steps and want more. It’s part of the learning process. We practice what we know then we get bored and want to learn more steps. We get in a hurry and want to learn more, even though we haven’t mastered or deeply worked with what we already learned. From what he said I gathered that if I am bored, I should look to see what I can work on to improve my Tai Chi practice. I can use boredom as a clue that I’m not looking close enough at areas I can practice and improve. As usual, Tai Chi lessons are applicable to life. Since my husband died, I get bored a LOT. So I usually watch TV and eat. So now I’ve gained weight a LOT. From what I learned at Tai Chi, when I get bored I should look around in the present moment and notice what things I can work on, or practice, or become. Perhaps I can look at the boredom itself and find a message in it. So basically, there is a lot to lean in the desert of boredom. I just need to wake up and live in the present and no matter what is happening (or in the case of boredom, what is not happening), take each opportunity to learn. How will that look tonight when I’m done with grading papers and housework and have nothing more to do? Can’t wait to find out. A trip to the desert has its own beauty and simplicity.

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