the Doctor is IN

On Friday I met my new Primary Care Physician. I switched over to the University of Utah clinic because my insurance covers it better than the physician I have been seeing for several years. I am kind of picky about who will take care of me so I was assessing him while he was assessing my health. At one point, I told him that my husband died 16 months after I had brain surgery. After he reflected, “You’ve been through a lot,” the first question he asked me was “How is your support system?” After I told him about my kids taking outstanding care of me, he commented on how difficult it must have been for the kids to see their parents’ health challenges so close together. He was very sincere. Well, that really impressed me, because he demonstrated a holistic viewpoint, knowing the psychosocial effects of two health challenges in a short period of time, for both me and for my family. He listened attentively and did not just focus on the physical domain. In addition, he shared with me that he lost his own wife to cancer, and understood how difficult is was to watch the decline of our loved ones. Needless to say, I’m pretty sure I picked the right physician, which adds to my strong support system.  Now I just hope I don’t have to see him very often.

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