The Gang Reunited

IMG_5839Friends through it all. 

The PCG Gang is back together again! Patti and Carol have been friends with my mom since Junior High. Being out of state, they were especially anxious for any and all updates throughout this whole journey. When they found out a rough date on when she might be coming home from the hospital, they immediately started planning their trip to get their Glenda fix. After deciphering directions from their hotel, they have been hanging out with mom all day. They were cooking in the kitchen together without missing a beet (Culinary humor at its highest level). They lovingly reminisced about the summer they stole cars and sold them for scrap metal at the local chop shop. Tears of joy fill their eyes when they mention the police officer they framed for the forest fire of 71′. Of course they can’t help but laugh when they discuss their extremely short lived stint as the original Charlie’s Angels (a badly timed “expression of gas” was to blame for their immediate firing and lifetime ban from the set). Good times.


7 thoughts on “The Gang Reunited

  1. Sorry the “gang” is missing one “gang member” but I am teaching in So. CA! The year has just began so I have no sick days to take. But, I am there in spirit! Love, Jeanne

  2. What a blessing to spend this time with Glenda. Carol and I enjoyed our stay in Utah….beautiful! Of course the best part was our time with Glenda and her beautiful family. Jeanne, we did miss you, but you were with us in spirit. Love you all girlfriends. Patti:)

  3. You people look great! Nothing like junior high friends to help the healing process along. What does PCG stand for? Just wondering. All the best Glenda. The sun is coming out again this afternoon! Paulne

  4. Glenda, your friends look like great company. I think you should grow your hair just like hers, with bangs, and always wear sunglasses on top then you could be Glenda the famous Hollywood nurse. It’s October and I can’t believe how far you have traveled over the last month or so. Quite impressive really. Pepper you look amazing, so glad you and Marlo and the rest of your family have been so there so much for your Mom. Glenda are you up to using your phone yet or still enjoying having it out of sight?

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