The Magic Kingdom

When my husband was alive we promised our grandchildren that we would take them each to Disneyland when they were in 6th grade. Unfortunately for Sage, Steve died when Sage was in the 6th grade. At the time, I broke my promise because going to the Happiest Place on Earth without Steve would be emotionally too challenging. Sage is now in 8th grade and I finally got up the energy to go last week,  also taking another grandson, who is now in 6th grade. My son went with me to help out because I was concerned that my bouts of fatigue would be a drag on the fun. As it turned out, I did have to go back to the hotel room a couple of times while they all stayed at the park. Well what can you say about Disneyland? It was SO CROWDED! We waited in lots of lines, got hungry a lot, walked (for 17 hours one day!) a lot, got super wet and cold on one of the rides, had a hotel room that was located like 6 blocks from the elevator, and on and on. But you know what? Those minor annoyances are not what we will remember. We will remember waiting in line TOGETHER, riding those awesome rides TOGETHER, seeing spectacular shows (Fantasmic, Frozen) and having tons of fun together. That must be why Disneyland is called The Magic Kingdom. It’s magical how the fun, wonderful memories will stay with us and the other stuff will magically fade away. Thanks Mickey! 

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