The Mystery of Bear Lake

My family and I went to Bear Lake, Utah last summer and had a wonderful time staying in condos at the Bear Lake KOA Kampground. Before we left we made reservations for this summer. It sounded like tons of fun but whenever I thought about it, I would say to myself, “You better not go.” We rented a boat last summer and it made me nervous (one of the grandkids fell out!) and I worried that someone would get hurt. So I figured I was just being silly, and we really should go back. Well, the thought of not going came into my mind EVERY DAY for the past few months. I finally decided that if we go, and something bad happens, I will never forgive myself for ignoring these promptings. So I called all the kids and told them about my thoughts and feelings and they were very supportive and we cancelled the trip to Bear Lake. I’ll probably never know what might have happened if we had gone, but I do feel much better. And now we have plans to go to Reid Ranch for a couple of days in August. Which, of course, is more expensive! But I’m looking forward to spending time with my family without worrying about doing the right thing. Sometimes doing the right thing is hard because I don’t want to disappoint others, or act like I know what I’m doing. Life is a mystery.

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