The Neurosurgeon

Today was the appointment with the Neurosurgeon. Lets start with the bad news: This morning when I went to have a bite of toasted oats (the sad version of Cheerios) I brought the spoon up too fast and hit my tooth. It was a very disappointing moment. Now on to the good news: The Neurosurgeon told mom he expects her vision to be back in a month! He also reported the meningioma is 100% gone and will not be coming back! Ready for round 3? The surgeon told mom he thinks she will be back to work by Halloween! Upon hearing this, I kid you not- Mom literally stood up and did a one handed double barrel front tuck back flip! She stuck the landing, lifted her head, and with a classic British accent told the surgeon “You sir, are a gentleman and a saint”. THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.


To top it all off the surgeon somehow had an opening for this Friday (tomorrow) to perform her surgery. Pepper will be with her in the morning as usual, then Sid will be picking her up to get to the hospital around 12:30. The surgery will begin around 2 or 3 and may last up to 4 hours. She is calm and relaxed and looking forward to having a successful operation. She is expected to be in the hospital for 2 days. She has been doing great lately, even walking without any needed assistance. She is grateful for any calming and positive thoughts sent her way tomorrow.

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  1. All my postive thoughts and prayers are with you today! So happy about all the great news; sorry about the oatmeal incident! Love & Prayers, Jeanne

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