The Peaceful Pelican

PelicanCountdown to surgery: 6 days to go. The last two days I have been super busy at work getting ready to take a couple months off. I am surrounded with loving, concerned and positive people. I am a blessed woman. A couple of people asked me today if I was nervous. I am not nervous in the least. I have been given a gift of peace and calmness. Not sure why I have been given this great gift, but I will just take it and say thanks. Maintaining a feeling of peace is effortless. It is just “there” for me.
Since  my first symptoms appeared I have had insomnia. Last night I slept very well and had a wonderful dream. I was at a holistic nursing conference with new nurse friends. A conference symbolizes learning and nurses symbolize healing and caring. We were in a car traveling to reach the top of a mountain so we could hike down it and back to the conference. That was an interesting symbol – why would I want to hike down the mountain instead of up the mountain? Could the mountain symbolize the tumor or surgery and hiking down symbolize my readiness to get over the experience and continue learning (symbolized by the conference)? In the dream I looked out the window of the car and saw a beautiful, huge, very white pelican land on the water in the bay next to the road. It was majestic and spread its wings in a loving sort of heart-shaped way. Looking at it made me feel loved and safe and peaceful. I looked at the nurses I was with and knew they did not see it and I told them I saw a pelican. It seemed important for me to let them know I had seen it..This pelican image has stayed with me all day and when people ask me how I’m doing or if I am nervous about the surgery, I visualize the pelican and I am happy, calm and peaceful. I see the pelican floating peacefully on the calm water. Emotions are often represented by water in dreams. This symbol goes along with the symbol of “sailing through” this experience that I mentioned in another blog.  I imagine the water being safe and calm, which I can use to calm myself if needed. But so far, I don’t seem to need calming. The loving, peaceful pelican symbol is just “there” for me, a part of my inner being. Is that cool or what??

3 thoughts on “The Peaceful Pelican

  1. I like this symbol. It’s nice to know you’re feeling so calm and I love the dream. I will have to make sure your son reads this so he can enjoy the calm of the Peaceful Pelican as well. We love you!

  2. Yes, that is super cool! You are always so calm about everything so I’m not surprised that you’re cool, calm, and collected about your surgery. I’m really excited for you, but I’ll miss you at work! I won’t get my daily Glenda quotes, but I know you’ll be at home bettering your health–which is NEVER a bad thing. 🙂

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