The Race is On

raceThis week has been a bit harrowing. Our understanding is that radiation will shrink my husband Steve’s bladder tumors so he will have less pain and won’t have trouble urinating. Well, radiation doesn’t start until next Monday, and Steve is having trouble urinating now. He’s also tired and has nausea. We just want him to get to radiation before he needs a catheter again. We are also working on blood thinning. He gets a blood thinner shot twice a day, unless he has too much blood in his urine. Then we hold the dose until his urine has less blood in it. However, we are concerned that without the blood thinner the blood in his bladder will clot and cause him to be unable to urinate. This week feels like a race to radiation. We want to get to that finish line before he can’t urinate. Are we having fun yet? Well, we try to.

2 thoughts on “The Race is On

    • Yes we are working on comfort care. He stays caught up on his pain and nausea meds, and I do Healing Touch for him. But you got me to thinking that we need to do more. Thanks Sonja!

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