The Sliver

I attended a funeral of a great woman who used to be my neighbor, Veda Forakis. She was 91 years old and lived a good life from my view. While at the funeral I ran into several of my friends who used to live in the same neighborhood. We had lunch together, reminiscing and catching up. And laughing a lot. We  plan to get together again with the rest of the large group who still keeps in touch. We also might get a stress management meeting together so I can teach the group about meditation and relaxation methods. Fun!
During lunch we talked about one of our group who sustained a brain injury just before my own brain surgery. Like me, he suffers from fatigue. Then on the way home I heard a story on the radio all about a young woman who had a brain injury resulting in amnesia. And finally this afternoon I talked to the lady who checked out my groceries and her skull fracture resulted in loss of taste and smell. Am I running into these people because I’m thinking about my own brain a lot, or was it just coincidence? It just seemed odd to me, especially since I am getting a follow up MRI on Tuesday (Happy Valentine’s Day!) and I’m nervous about it.
A few months ago I was told the tumor has returned and looks like a “sliver.” So this week’s MRI will let us know how fast the tumor is growing. Honestly, my main concern is my kids. If I have to have extensive treatment, then I don’t want to burden them with my care. So I am hoping that the sliver is just a sliver and will stay that way for a long time. Sometimes these meningiomas grow slowly and sometimes fast. I have a “sliver” of hope that this is a slow growing one. We’ll see.

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