The Stick

tai chi stickI am still going to Tai Chi 3 times a week. We do more than the movement; we do a lot of meditation and philosophy. On Saturday we worked with swords and sticks. I had a stick and it felt very awkward doing my regular moves but holding a stick in my hand. I noticed it was hard for me to remember my moves because the stick distracted me so much. The instructor said I should try to make the stick a part of my movement, not treat it like an outside object. She pointed out that the stick could represent challenges in our lives. We are moving along nicely but then the stick appears to distract us.We will move forward better if we embrace the challenge and become one with it, and have it be a helper instead of a hindrance. Right away I thought about my brain surgery and Steve’s cancer and how we’ve been so distracted by them. Our lives have certainly changed. From Tai Chi I learned that fighting the challenges and treating them like unwelcome guests is not in our best interest. To move forward in life, I can embrace these challenges and consider them a part of my life now. They are certainly a part of my life story.They can be a help instead of a hindrance. It’s up to me.

Steve is continuing to do very well. Yesterday he went to a football game and out to dinner. Today he went to church. He is walking better and managing the pain with Tylenol. So far so good.

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  1. Hi Glenda, so happy to hear that Steve is feeling better; our prayers were answered! We will continue to pray for your family everyday! Glad your you liking new job too! Love, Jeanne in CA

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