The World Cup of Tiredness

soccer ballI have been dealing with tiredness and drowsiness for a couple of weeks now.  I attribute it to the seizure prevention medicine side effects and I hope I am right. Today I had extreme tiredness that I just could not seem to talk myself out of.  I  questioned my  courage and fortitude. I made little self-judgments, beating myself up for not just getting up and getting through the day and stop whining. So anyway, an interesting thing happened at church. I was so tired and I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to go home and watch the soccer World Cup final game with my grandson? Then I started praying about it, which was appropriate since I was at church. I asked God if it would be OK, or if it would be His will that I went home and spent some quality time with my loved one. And I was just so darn tired!  I again made little self-judgments, beating myself up for being weak and manipulating things so I could say, “Well it was OK with God so I followed His guidance and left church.”  So… I left church and went home and watched the World Cup with my grandson. I dropped self-judgment, I dropped trying to say it was OK with God so it must have been the right thing to do, I dropped guilt about not being strong enough to beat the fatigue, and I just took care of myself and went home and enjoyed the game. And rested. And bonded with my grandson. I decided that sometimes I just get to do what I get to do. No inner dialog to justify it, no guilt, no beating myself up. It feels good. …Speaking of the World Cup, HOORAY FOR GERMANY! This was one of the very few times I actually picked the winner. It feels good.

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