Things Fall Into Place

Every Sunday I go to three church meetings in a row, from 9 AM until noon. Yesterday I missed the first meeting  because I overslept a bit and was very tired upon awakening. I went to the second meeting (Sunday School) and had a great deal of trouble seeing, so I  kept my eyes closed much of the time. When the meeting was over I was thinking of going back  home. My husband suggested I sit with a friend in the back row for the following meeting (Relief Society). I got very teary-eyed from fatigue and discouragement but decided to sit in the back row by myself. Once my husband left and I sat there I decided that sitting all alone feeling sorry for myself was not the best strategy. So I found the friend my husband mentioned and sat with her. She has been a strength to me throughout this healing journey. I immediately told her I was having a hard time, and then I started crying! Thank goodness I was in the back row so not too many people could see me. My friend put her arm around me and offered words of encouragement and comfort. She also mentioned that she was thinking of leaving the meeting but since I sat by her she decided to stay. So she felt that the comfort went both ways. Looking back, I am so glad I stayed, so glad my husband suggested I sit with her, and so glad I sat with her. Sometimes everything just falls into place. I felt so much better by the end of  the meeting. And I feel good now – she’s taking me out to dinner tonight! I am a blessed woman.

One thought on “Things Fall Into Place

  1. Yes;, you are a blessed woman and we are all blessed to have you too! Please thank your friend for me, I am in CA and wish I could physically be there for you! You are in my daily prayers and thoughts, but I wish I could be there to give you a hug in person. Sometimes God just puts those friends in front of us; you both needed each other. Love, Jeanne in CA

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